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China UK Business Development Centre
The leading UK professional service network across China offering practical support to UK and China businesses from professionals whose expertise totals over 100 years. CUKBDC is an advisory and service delivery organization focusing on business opportunities and bilateral trade between UK and China. CUKBDC provides insight and professional services for companies exploring and entering the market by services including market research, sales opportunity & partner identifying, event and delegations, GR advices, technology transferring, match making, market presence establishing, project landing & management.
SME's & Entrepreneurial Companies Sectors Focused
We support businesses via strong network on ground of 13 offices in China, focusing on most potential sectors of Sino-UK trade & invest in each different regional market

❖ Technology and Innovation 科技和创新

❖ Advanced Engineering, Manufacturing & Transport


❖Agriculture, Food & Drink 农业及食品饮料

❖ Creative Industries & Sports 创意和体育

❖ Education & Training 教育和培训

❖ Energy,Environment & Infrastructure 能源、环境和基础设施

❖ Financial & Professional Services 金融和专业服务

❖ Healthcare & Life Sciences 医疗健康和生命科学

❖ Retail 消费零售

❖ ICT & Digital 数码和信息通讯

Market Insights

China Market and Sector Research and Reports* We have many reports to our clients that are made available free of charge.  Here is a selection of key reports.

l  Over view of China Outbound Investment 2020/2020中国海外投资概览

l  2020-2025 China Wire & Cable Sector Marketing and Channel Development Tendency Study / 2020-2025年中国电线电缆行业市场营销及渠道发展趋势研究报告

l  2020 China Vocational Education Study/2020职业教育行业洞察

l  2020 China Real Estate Market Summary& 2021 Tendency Outlook/ 2020中国房地产市场总结&2021趋势展望

l  2021 Gene Sector Blue Paper/2021基因行业蓝皮书

l  2021 Study on After 95s Generation customers of Cosmetic Medicine/2021年95后医美用户洞察

l  2021 China Life Science & Medical Industry Survey /2021中国生命科学与医疗行业调研结果

l  2021 China Consumer Brand Development Report/ 2021中国消费品牌发展报告

l  Segmentation study of China Construction Sector—Illuminating Engineering/建筑行业细分领域研究报告之照明工程

l  China Brand’s Digital Channel Health Index White Paper/中国品牌数字化通路健康指数白皮书

l  2021 China Beer Industry First Coverage Report/ 2021啤酒行业首次覆盖报告

l  2020-2021 Business Climate Study of EU/ 欧盟营商环境报告2020-2021

l  2021 China Enterprises Decarbonization Survey/中国企业脱碳准备度调研报告2021

l  Special Report of Cosmetic Medicine Sector: Consumption upgrade, New Cusp/医美行业专题报告:消费升级新赛道,颜值经济迎来风口

l  China Citizen Leisure & Entertainment Status Study(2020)/中国国民休闲状况调查(2020)

l  47th Version of Statistic Report of China Internet Development/第47次中国互联网络发展状况统计报告

l  Study on Top 50 Globalized Chinese Brands/中国全球化品牌50强研究

l  China coal, power and carbon Market annual report 2021/中国煤炭、电力及碳市场报告2021

l  White paper on the development of Biomedical Industrial Clusters China/生物医药产业集群发展白皮书

l  China Department Store and Retailing Sector Development Report 2021-2022/2021-2022中国百货零售业发展报告

l  China CCUS Annual Report 2021/中国CCUS年度报告2021

l  China Energy Storage Sector Report 2021/中国储能行业报告2021

l  STEAM Education Research Report for Chinese Youth in 2022/2022年中国青少年STEAM教育研究报告

l  China Elderly Care Market Annual Report 2021/2021年中国养老市场年报

l  China Solar Thermal Power Industry Blue Book 2021/2021中国太阳能热发电行业蓝皮书

l  China Sports Industry Research Report in 2022/2022年中国体育产业研究报告

l  China PPP Market Annual Report 2021/2021年中国PPP市场年报

And more.............

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