Chair of CUKBDC, Mr. John Mclean OBE speak at event of CCCUK   in London on 2nd Nov 2022

On 2nd Nov CCCUK hosted forum of "China's New Journey, World's New Opportunities--the 5th China-UK Economics & Trade Forum". The event is specially supported by Chinese Embassy in London. CUKBDC Chair Mr. John Mclean OBE speaked.

Chinese Ambassador at Our Forum

What does the 20th National Congress mean for China’s relations with Europe and the UK? I would say: it means new opportunities and new energy.

Against the backdrop of global instability and uncertainty, China and Europe, as two major forces in the world, should uphold dialogue and cooperation and oppose division and confrontation. We should strive for mutual benefits and reject decoupling and disruption of industrial and supply chains. And we should champion multilateralism and resist unilateralism. There are upcoming high-level visits to Beijing by European leaders. I believe that by working together, China and Europe can provide more positive energy for the world.

The China-UK relationship is one of great importance. As a matter of act, this year, we are marking the 50th anniversary of the establishment of our diplomatic relations at the ambassadorial level.

Over the past 50 years, China and the UK have had close exchanges and cooperation in many areas and made a lot of achievements. Facts have proven these cooperation are mutually beneficial.

Inspite of the surging pandemic and sluggish global economy, China-UK business ties have continued to grow. In the first half of this year, two-way commodity trade exceeded 50 billion US dollars; by last August, two-way investment stock reached 50.4 billion US dollars. This speaks volumes about the resilience and complimentarity of our relations. It also testifies to the strength and dynamism of Chinese and UK companies.

Going forward, there is a lot that can be done in practical cooperation between China and the UK. The two countries are well positioned to enhance exchanges and cooperation in trade, investment, new energy, finance, education, culture,climate response and many other areas.

China is the second largest economy with a huge market, and the most comprehensive industrial chain. More importantly, China has a strong leadership which provides predictable, consistent and credible policies. China’s development will provide enduring positive energy into world development.

In responding to Covid-19, China has put the people and their lives above allelse. With a dynamic zero-Covid policy, we have made quick responses with targeted measures. We have protected the people’s health and safety to thegreatest extent possible and maintained sustained and stable economic and social development. We are confident that the dawn of victory is just ahead of us.  

Last May, China launched a package of polices to stabilise the economy and putf orward 33 measures on six fronts including in the financial sector. These policy measures have pushed China’s economy back on the normal course and kept its major economic indicators within the appropriate range.

The Chinese economy has great resilience, potential and latitude. Its strong fundamentals will not change, and it will remain on a positive trajectory overthe long run.

Chinais committed to its fundamental policy of opening to the outside world and pursues a mutually beneficial strategy of opening up. We will promote high-standard opening up, steadily expand institutional opening up with regard to rules, regulations, management, and standards and work to create amarket-oriented, world-class business environment governed by a sound legal framework.

Shortly after the closing of the Party Congress, China announced 15 policy measures to expand foreign capital and stabilise the FDI in the country and issued the 2022 version of the catalogue of encouraged foreign investment industries. China’shigh-quality development and high-standard opening up will provide a sustained drive for global economic recovery.

China welcomes more quality products and services from the UK. We will continue to provide facilitation to British businesses in pursuing cooperation in China, and hope that the UK will follow the principle of free trade and WTO rules, and work to maintain a fair, just and non-discriminatory environment for Chinese businesses in the UK.

For the UK, China represents the future and opportunities. To view China as a threat is to lose touch with the reality and to decouple from the future. The UK now hasa new government. It is hoped that the UK side will work with the Chinese side in the same direction, uphold dialogue and cooperation, follow the principles of mutual respect, openness and inclusiveness, focus on cooperation, and properly manage differences. This is the right way to keep the China-UK relationship growing on the right track.

The business communities of both countries have been an important and reliable positive force in China-UK relations. I hope that you will take this forum as an opportunity to contribute your insight and strength to stronger practical cooperation in business and other areas between our two countries. Your contribution will go a long way to create more highlights of bilateral cooperation, and your efforts to promote the steady and sustained growth of China-UK relations will bring greater benefits to the two peoples.


在展会期间,英中商业发展中心组团携英国的医疗健康产品,保健品和养老相关产业工业在国际展区进行展示,受到高度关注,所展示的公司包括McCormack Innovation, Birthsparks Ltd., DWA建筑设计公司Vitabiotics薇塔贝尔

CUKBDC was invited to attend the 13th China (Taizhou) international medical expo. 12 years hard working has contributed to its popularity and influence in pharmaceutical industry. Not only has it established an international and exchange platform for the pharmaceutical and health industry, but has also gathered domestic and overseas innovation resources and high-end talents, attracting achievements and enterprises, and accelerating the development of biomedical health industry.   

CUKBDC has invited four healthcare related companies to join in the UK pavilion: McCormack Innovation, Birthsparks Ltd., DWA and Vitabiotics

McCormack Innovation 成立于2016年,坐落于英国苏格兰Kirkcaldy。公司最初研发了水溶性采便盒以提高结直肠癌筛查率, 后续相继研发了其他环保产品,包括:



    Flushaway 采便盒



FlushawayTM 牌便盒由公司创始人发明,旨在简化便检过程中大便采集和留存。其应用场景包括结直肠癌筛查等便检项目的留样过程等。此外,一次性便盒的使用也有助于降低交叉感染的风险。产品采用水溶性材质生产,可以居家或者于院中使用。产品经过了环境和安全检测,并且取得相关认证。所有产品均以完成全球产权注册保护。

McCormack Innovation希望能够与中国境内合作伙伴共同探索产品营销及技术合作。欢迎进一步咨询。

McCormack Innovation (MI) was set up in 2016 to address the low compliance or return rates of bowel or colorectal cancer screening programmes. Our resilient but soluble stool collector mitigates that problem. Located in Kirkcaldy, Scotland the company went on to develop other soluble solutions to combat the growing environmental concerns of plastic based products.

McCormack Innovation’s mission is to provide environmentally sustainable soluble products. Our vision is to establish ourselves as a major player providing soluble product solutions, including in the following categories:

    Wet Wipes for use in cosmetics, personal hygiene, medical and general purpose cleaning and disinfection

    Wound dressings and bandages

    Flushaway stool collectors for cancer screening

    Stoma care – easy release system for stoma bags

    Consumer products including Cotton wool type material, sanitary products, cotton wool bud stalks

The FlushawayTM stool collector devices were developed to make it easier and safter to retain or collect stool or faeces prior to taking samples for various tests. It will also greatly reduce the risk of cross contamination and resultant infections. It’s made of water-soluble paper and designed for home use and in-hospital use. It’s tested and certified to meet the technical environmental and safety standards. All products are under worldwide patent protection.

The company is keen to explore the China market with local leading players. Welcome any companies interested in our products for distributorship for further discussion.    

Birthsparks 公司总部位于英国苏格兰。公司核心产品CUB旨在为怀孕后期的宝妈提供更舒适的支持。CUB 由经验丰富的助产士设计,其主要功能在于:



截至目前,专利产权清晰的CUB已经斩获多个奖项,并成功销往全世界90多个国家。我们的愿景是为全世界的女性提供更安全、更健康、更愉快的分娩体验。为此,CUB 可以在医疗机构使用,亦可以居家使用。


Birthsparks is a private company based in south West Scotland (UK). Our focus is on the establishment of the Comfortable Upright Birth (CUB) support as the preferred product for use during late pregnancy. The CUB was designed by midwives to:

Relieve Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) in pregnancy that affects 1 in every 4 women

Increase maternal comfort while decreasing the risks of common, but avoidable complications arising from restricted or reduced mobility during childbirth.

Birthsparks Ltd was founded by the CUB inventor to develop the innovation and to bring the product to market. Since then, Birthsparks has grown into a company that now markets and sells the multi award-winning, patented device to over 90 countries around the world.   

Our vision is to create a safer, healthier and happier childbirth experience for women all over the world. This will be achieved when the majority of mothers have acces to a CUB either via their healthcare facility or as a purchasing consumer.

We are actively looking to work with partners for distribution in China. We can offer:

The potential for exclusivity within China

Licencing opportunities within China

Extensive marketing materials for print and online sales (in Mandarin)

Video training guides (in Mandarin)

Educational courses for parents and healthcare professionals (in Mandarin)



DWA Architects have over 30 years of experience in care design. We have completed over 500 senior care projects ranging from specialist memory care facilities to awarding living senior living communities. DWA have worked with more than 150 operators, and have an experienced local design team in Beijing to provide professional services to the China market.

Founded in 1988, DWA is a registered member of the Royal Institute of British Architects with ISO 9001:2015 certification. We provide customers with a full range of comprehensive services in architecture, planning, structural engineering, interior design, and landscape design. We are one of UK's most authoritative senior care design firms.

Vitabiotics(薇塔贝尔)成立于1971年,由伦敦大学药物学博士Kartar LalvaniArnold Beckett创立。50多年来,以扎实的在医药学领域的学术背景,以及领先的科研实力,致力于健康生活的科学。现在,薇塔贝尔已经成为全英第一、出口海外110余国家的畅销保健品行业领军品牌。Vitabiotics旗下共有40余个系列,近200SKU,是全英产品线最广、覆盖人群最全的保健品品牌。也是唯一四度荣获英国女王奖的保健品品牌。据2021年尼尔森数据显示,Vitabiotics旗下有9个产品系列居于英国本土销量第一。                                                         

Vitabiotics was founded in 1971 by Kartar Lalvani and Arnold Beckett, PhD in Pharmacology at the University of London. For more than 50 years, with a strong academic background in the field of medicine and leading scientific research strength, Vitabiotics have been committed to the science of healthy life. Currently Vitabiotics has become the NO.1 brand in the UK and the leading brand in the best-selling health care industry exporting to more than 110 countries. Vitabiotics has a total of more than 40 ranges and nearly 200 SKUs, which is the health care brand with the widest product line and the most comprehensive coverage of people in the UK. It is also the only health care brand to win the Queen's Award four times. According to 2021 Nielsen data, Vitabiotics has 9 product ranges that rank NO.1 in UK market.   



Review of the 2022 CIFTIS Week

In the week of 1st- 6thSeptember 2022 CIFTS Beijing ( CUKBDC was involved into a number of events.

Invited by Beijing municipal government,CUKBDC presented 2022 Beijing “Two Zones” International Cooperation and InvestBeijing Summit. Over 100 leading companies and government posts of Beijing shared perspectives, views and policy orientations of the city of Beijing.


CUKBDC was invited to present the International Compliance Forum on Globalization and Reception. In the event, wemet old friend Mr. Jin Xu, previous Minister Counselor of Chinese Embassy in London, now Chairman of China Association of International Trade. Mr. Jin expressed his hope to co work with CUKBDC to promote Sino-UK economy cooperation.



CUKBDC was invited to present 2022 Beijing Catering Brand Conference and gave speech in panel discussion on experience of UK and London on international consumer power and cooperation with China.



AS part of service contract with Fengtai District Beijing, CUKBDC co-organized Development Forum of Multinational Corporations & Open Cooperation Promotion Conference Presenting Fengtai District. CUKBDC invited over 30 UK and international companies presented the event and had open discussion on foreign companies’ development features and challenges in China market.




Agreement Signing between China UK Business Development Centre & China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Sichuan Council

On 23rd, June, CUKBDC and Sichuan CCPIT held a video conference and an online signing ceremony of the memorandum of cooperation. Ms Lei Xuejie, Vice President of Sichuan CCPIT and John Mclean OBE, Chairman of CUKBDC attended the conference and signed the memorandum of cooperation.

Ms Lei pointed out that at present,Sichuan is in a period of multiple opportunities such as the “Belt and Road Initiative” and the construction of the Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle. With strong economic development, Sichuan has great potential for cooperation with the United Kingdom. As an important role for Sichuan business community to carry out foreign economic and trade exchanges and cooperation, Sichuan CCPIT is keen to take the opportunity of signing of this cooperation agreement to deepen exchanges and cooperation in the economic and trade field by strengthening information exchanges, building cooperation platforms, and carrying out economic and trade activities. She proposed that both parties will work closely to help more trade and market cooperation between Sichuan and UK enterprises.

John Mclean OBE mentioned during his speech, as the sixth largest economy in the world, UK has a strong industrial base and strong innovation capabilities. Sichuan is a major manufacturing province, with the development of Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle, he believed Sichuan’s cooperation with the UK has huge structural and complementary advantages. John Mclean OBE further expressed the world is in a different place today as the trade winds have become more uncertain together with more frequent squalls. However, when times are difficult, it doesn’t mean we batten down the hatches, nor do we slow down our cooperation, reduce our trading activity,decrease our communication, it is the reverse, we trim and reef our sails andkeep going. We do not give up. Specifically in a post Brexit environment, the UK needs to become far more global and today’s event demonstrates what can be done, when both countries work together and adopt a joint spirit of cooperation.

John Mclean OBE is confident that UK/China’s relationship will continue to grow and strengthen and if what we have done here today is any guide, we are assured of a continued successful partnership between UK and China and of course between Sichuan CCPIT and CUKBDC

CUKBDC will promote jointly with Sichuan CCPIT in new energy vehicles, clean energy, education, elderly care,digital economy, ESG, life science to reach mutual benefit and win-win results. Mr Zou Jiou, Secretary-General ofSichuan CCPIT, Head of International Liaison Department and Ms Wendy Wei, Head of CUKBDC Sichuan attended the conference


Seminar with Business Associations & Foreign-funded Enterprises in Hangzhou

6月24日,英中商业发展中心杭州中心受邀参加由浙江省贸促会组织的驻杭国际机构及外资企业交流座谈会。 英中商业发展中心代表现场就英国企业在浙江的发展情况和诉求,以及疫情引发的相关经营困难和实际问题,与在座的省商务厅、省公安厅、省经信厅、省税务局、杭州海关等相关部门业务负责人等进行了深入交流。

杭州new2 June 2022.jpg

浙江具备全国一流的营商环境,我们希望这样的沟通和协调能够形成常态化机制,畅通政企交流,促进更多英国企业与浙江合作。 英中商业发展中心将继续发挥好自身的网络和资源优势,在新的国际合作形势下,充分发挥促进中英企业双向经贸投资的桥梁作用。

At the request of CCPIT, CUKBDC is currently assisting in conducting a business survey and collecting suggestions and demands among UK companies in different regions.

杭州new1 June 2022.jpg

Michelle Pan, Director of CUKBDC Hangzhou Centre, was invited to speak on the roundtable meeting hosted by Zhejiang CCPIT on 24th June. The meeting aimed to facilitate communication and problem solving for foreign-funded enterprises in Zhejiang Province with various government departments at provincial level. During the meeting, Michelle had productive exchanges with officials from Zhejiang Immigration Office, Zhejiang DoFCOM, Zhejiang MIIT, Hangzhou Customs and other local government departments with regard to difficulties and challanges encountered by UK businesses in investment and operation in Zhejiang following the covid 19.

杭州new June 2022.jpg

Zhejiang is known for service-oriented government and corporative business environment in China. CUKBDC will continue to promote UK-Zhejiang bilateral trade and business cooperation and support British businesses on the ground.


The China (Guizhou)-UK Business Promotion Seminar

Co-hosted by the British Consulate General in Chongqing, the Guizhou CCPIT, the Guizhou International Chamber of Commerce and China UK Business Development Center, the event came to a successful conclusion.

Consul general Stephen Ellison, President of the Guizhou CCPIT Miao Hong and more than 30 enterprises from Guizhou Province attended the seminar. The industries involved include data industry, food and beverage, agriculture etc.

 Nicole Li,director of CUKBDC Chongqing attended the seminar and had discussions with partners and companies. China UK business Development Center will make use of the network on ground of 13 domestic offices and overseas resource, to build together an innovative high-quality international trade and cooperation platform for the industry and Commerce of Guizhou Province under the new international trading circumstance.


Zhongshan City Market Visit

China UK Business Development Center worked closely with British business representatives in China to build up business links and expand business cooperation. On 8th June, Lynn Wu, director of CUKBDC Guangzhou Office, was invited by Mr. Paul Jolley who has been doing business in China for 21 years to have a business visit in Zhongshan.微信图片_202206121055441.jpg

Lynn and Paul visited Zhongshan International Community Center, which will be opened soon by the Zhongshan Foreign Affairs Office.   CUKBDC will work closely with Zhongshan FAO to discuss the possibility of setting up a presence in Zhongshan.

CUKBDC also had meeting with China-Europe Association for technological and economic cooperation in Zhongshan city and reached a preliminary cooperation intention on new energy solutions in both UK and China.


Lynn and Paul also visited Cooka Micro Electronics , a British company focusing on the R & D, production and sales of high-end electronic components such as displacement sensors and potentiometers.

It was a fruitfull and productive visit in Zhongshan to udnerstand both the city industries and UK businesses' challanges & opportunities. CUKBDC will continue to promote China UK bilateral trade and business cooperation in the provicne, and help build high-quality international exchanges and cooperation in China cities, and expand new models of Sino-UK business cooperation.


CUKBDC witnessed the opening ceremony of Hangzhou International Chamber of Commerce on Metaverse Specialised Committee


Invited by CCPIT Hangzhou, Michelle Pan, Regional Director Hangzhou of the China UK Business Development Centre, witnessed the launching of Hangzhou International Chamber of Commerce on Metaverse Specialised Committee on 8th June.

Mr. Hu Wei, Vice Mayor of Hangzhou spoke in the beginning of the event. He indicated that in the upcoming five years, Hangzhou government will highly promote the development of the future industries which include quantum science and technology, genetic technology, future network,AI and Metaverse.

CUKBDC discussed with Hangzhou CCPIT and Metaverse committee to explore how best UK can co-work with the committee and build up a better ecosystem of Metaverse in Hangzhou.


CUKBDC visited Wuhan Economic & Technological Development Zone


The China UK Business Development Centre's Regional Director, Wuhan, Yan Kang, was invited by CCPIT to attend a business delegation to the Wuhan Economic & Technological Development Zone (WHDZ) 31May 2022.

武汉news 2020June2.jpg

CUKBDC welcomes the opportunity to meet again with Mr Liu Ziqing, Member of CPC Wuhan Standing Committee/Secretary-General of WHDZ Working Committee, and a number of leading companies in the zone, to understand the zone's development planning and local companies' businesses & opportunities to co-work with UK.

武汉news 2020June3.jpg

Ranking as 10th of the national-level development zones in China, WHDZ, also named as “Auto Valley", is home to eight vehicle companies along with thousands of auto parts and accessories companies. Jili-Lotus, BP's joint venture and GKN's factories are located in the zone.

武汉news 2020June5.jpg




CUKBDC recently signed contract with BOC of Fengtai Beijing, to be the designated partner of international cooperation promotion and investment promotion organization. With broaden network in UK and China, professional services and experiences of helping Sino-UK businesses, CUKBDC will co work closely with Fengtai to create new pattern and new value on the region’s potential with UK.

CUKBDC chairman serve new post

John Mclean OBE, chairman of CUKBDC, was announced to be Institute of Directors (IoD) new chairman of The City of London.

John Mclean OBE, chairman of CUKBDC, was invited as VIP to present the ZGC Forum 2021.

Chairman Xi Jin Ping gave a speech on line to the event and Mr. Liu He, vice premium minister delivered opening speech. Mr. John Mclean was interviewed by CCTV channel 4 during the event, expressed strong interest and willingness to continue, explore and develope economic cooperation with China. In a changing world, Mr. Joh Mclean OBE said, it is important that both parties keep confident to explore new modoule, new value and new platform to support Sino-UK businesses and trade.

Shandong CCPIT Annual Conference

Harry Jiang, director of CUKBDC Beijing & Qingdao Office presentd the Shandong CCPIT Annual Conference and gave a speech of Sino-UK trades, challanges and opportunities. It is agreed Shandong CCPIT as CUKBDC's major partner in region, will continously support Sino-UK businesses development. CUKBDC will keep working closely with CCPIT and Shandong government to support regional development with UK business community.

CUKBDC presented World Manufacturing Convention 2021 Anhui

Jenny Jiang, director of CUKBDC Nanjing Office presented Worlld Manufacturing Convention 2021 in Hefei city of Anhui and gave a speech of Sino-UK trade & investment cooperation. PS of Anhui Mr. Wang Qingxia presented the conference and over 200 Chinese leading companies of advanced manufacturing and innovation. Jenny emphysised the strong points of UK in advanced maufacturing and comparative advantages of two countries co-working to upgrade capablity and makets. Anhui province listed a number of projects in sectors to be further discussed of working with UK sectors and businesses.

Wuhan vocational education agreement signed

CUKBDC signed an agreement with ChangjiangPolytechnic in November 2021, with an aim to introducing UK resources andjointly promoting quality development of vocational education. The agreement enable both parties to start official works of introdcuing programmes and organziations from UK and China to jointly set up courses.

Buidling & Future Trends Under Carbon Neutralization Summit (Chongqing)

2021 Oct.

CUKBDC co-organized the event in Chongqing with Hong Hong Land, The Chartered Instituteof Building, Arup Group, British StandardsInstitute, BRE Group and Abraxas(Chongqing)Technology & Design

Nicole Li, Director of CUKBDC Chongqing Office presented the event and with internaional experts, local businesses , architecturers and academy together, shared the successful experience of both UK, HK and China. The event was in deep discussion to   provide feasible measures for carbon neutralization and reference exchange for domestic buildings in the region.

Meeting with Zhejiang CCPIT

On behalf of CUKBDC, MichellePan, our regional Director in Hangzhou attended the annual roundtable meeting whichwas hosted by Zhejiang CCPIT on January 18th. Zhejiang CCPIT shared some major events planned in 2022 and stressed the importance to continue collaborating with international trade and investment promotion organizations in the new year. Michelle expressed gratitude to Zhejiang CCPIT for organizing a series of business visits to the municipalcities in Zhejiang which help to build up effective connection with the citiesin Zhejiang Province, also highlighted that CUKBDC is very keen to developfurther business engagement with Zhejiang not only with the major cities but also with leading county-level cities.

China International Fair for Trade inServices (2-7 September 2021) CIFTIS 2021

As the selected partner for Fengtai District of Beijing City, CUKBDC co-organziedd Fengtai Promotion Event at the China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) 2021. Representatives from more than 60 international companies, and Chinese leading companies of various sectors were invited by CUKBDC to attend the event and explored business opportunities in Fengtai region. Particpants also met with authorities of disctrict in charge of international trade and businesses as well as some major companies in the region.



Wales Business Delegation on line (25January – 2 April 2021)

To drive trade between Wales and China, Weles government orgainzed virtual trade delegation of 9 Welsh companises in differnt sectors to have on line one-to-one match making with China market.   

CUKBDC worked closely with the Welsh Government, identified potential Chinese companies and partners cross China for Welsh exporters, and arranged over 20 online business-matching meetings for the companies in a wide range of sectors of food & beverage, fashion, industries, sports, education and professional services etc.