Trading Support

Based upon our 13 offices in mainland China, our experts are familiar with local industry and each industry developing status. We are keeping eyes on local stakeholders, players of sectors and relevantgovernment departments, understanding their demand, requirements and their business model with business culture. CUKBDC is a good channel for you toengage with your target trading market and your clients. We support UK traders with:


- Export service: export to Mainland China / Export to England

Research report for your products ,identify your clients, explore your clients.


- Business establish consultancy service

     Sales repsidentify, sales team development, location consultant.


- Approaching target company or institution service: solve your current problem.


- Projects information: List the import and export enquires from 13 offices network.


-         Customization service 根据客户的特殊性和要求来定制服务。