Market Research

The China market is of huge potential and developing very rapidly. Business uncertainty remains one of the top concernsfor British companies interested in this market, no matter they are new or existing players. Market research is a cost-effective way to understand the China market, prior to any serious investment or decision is made. A large number of British companies across all sectors, have leveraged the power of market research to understand this vast andcomplicated market.

Market research would provide all aspects of the information you may need for entering into a new market, from basic facts, consumer behaviours, enforcement of laws and regulations which significantly affect the sectors, to identify business opportunites and potential partners for collaboration.

CUKBDC could act as an extended arm of your business and represent your benefits in the market. CUKBDC’s coverage across China provide market intelligence for informed decision-making, based on ourteam’s on-the-ground knowledge, extensive network and sector insight.

With bespoke market research and agreed methodology, British businesses will have the opportunities to stay updated on political and economic trends, economic prospects, and sectors. British businesses may also be able to learn from the existing players, or directly talk to local potential partners or clients.

Our tailor-made research and analysis will be able to help you:

·      know the market – market size, consumer demographics, regional cities

·      understand the market – development trends, economic prospects, policies, laws and regulations, Chinese consumer culture, competitors’ performance

·      access the market – identifying key local contacts, potential partners, agents, distributors, and suppliers, company background checks, factory audit

·      gain insights and advice – identification and analysis of market initiatives & opportunities, potential risks

·      plan in-market activities – arrangement of online/offline meetings, research/product launch, establishing market presence