Government Relation Advice

Government and regulatory intervention can have a significant negative or positive impact on doing businesses in China. To achieve commercial success in China, foreign companies must understand the importance of buildingup strong and lasting relationships with not only the central government but alsowith the governments at various regional levels.

Many companies have a dedicated, centralized, corporate-level government affairs (GA) staff or team based in one physical location in China,most frequently in Beijing or Shanghai. Some companies will assign a quasi-GA staff like a General Manager or a Business Development staff to manage with government related affairs. However with the limited manpower and the increasing number and complexity of policies that affect foreign companies in China, even a dedicated GA staff or team find it difficult to leverage relation maintenance with various level government posts (central and regional) and to help achieve company goals at different levels of importance (national and regional).

China is a vast country, and the business environment varies from one place to another. Regional level governments are involved in the daily lives of all companies in China, no matter foreign or domestic. To support daily operations and business growth at regional level, foreign companies need to also manage government relations more regionally, which would involve provincial, municipal, district and even county levels.

Managing local government relationship is challenging to large corporations, not to say small and medium sized (SME) enterprises. To smoothly deliver contract and avoid misoperation, A company may need to understand or workwith all local government administrative levels depending on different issues, which requires it to leverage its set of assets, capabilities, and resources in amost efficient way.

What CUKBDC can help -

With a team of government relationship professionals that spreads out to 13 main cities in China, CUKBDC is in the market, on the ground, keeps abreast of changes at regional markets. By using the team’s solid understanding of government affairs and wide range of regional networks, CUKBDC has the capacityto provide valuable government relationship advices to support foreign business’s development in various regions in China.