Technology Transferring

Technology Transferring Supports

Based on of strongest World Factory capacity, China is a massive market of technology transfer particularly in field of applied technology for industries.UK industrial tech innovation system are well recognized in China and haveformed a numbers of successful cooperation between two markets. Investment from China to UK are not only focusing on assets but also more on combination of technology, joint R&D, upgrading of industries, application of new tech etc. Technology has been one of core values of Sino-UK trade and investment.

IPR environment has been increasingly improved at the meantime to make the market mature.

With focus on variety regional market through our network on ground, CUKBDC keeps close communication with regional business communities and understand demands of technology and industries upgrading target. We are strong at collecting, identifying, matching and supporting companies strategy & requirements on technology, and provides technology transferring services for our potential clients or partners in both the UK and China through various channels:

l   IP platform

l   Project evaluation   

l   Science and technology park

l   Outsourcing and technology transferring center

l   Private or public fund

l   Acquisition and merge organization

l   Gov. bodies i.e., technology bureau and organizations, associations   

l   Technology centres in universities