Carrier Program

Before UK companies have practical experiences and solid understanding of China market by one or several contracts concluded, it’s always a question that how much to invest to touch and trial the market, how much risk can be afforded? Particular to SME, balance sheet is always a key point to be considered, which regulated the balanced point of invest and profit, risk and returning.

We understand this and provide “Carrier Programme”accordingly as an easy start, cost-effective, low-risk and legal means of having a presence in China market, to help you start to explore and trial the market without investing too much over the balance sheet.

CP is to select a staff or team locally and managed by you to develop China market, to accumulate clients, market insight and potential leads, till it is proven the market is worth further your investment. The local staff will be employed and supervised administratively by CUKBDC to be assured of legality and fidelity. Your local staff will be accommodated in a well-established CUKBDC China office* with proper facilities. CUKBDC will provide not only a shell legally but also local market resource that CUKBDC network possessed for your BD activities.

When you gain clear picture of China market through CP, it’s much safer for you to make further decision of either investing further in the market or quit without assets lost.

Differ from signing a local agent, CP helps you make sure all the market experiences, presence, reputation, connections and potential leads developed belong to your company only, rather than second hand operation.

* Some of our 13 offices are avalable for spare physical space. For full information , please contact