CUKBDC joined Guizhou province dialogue

Directors of Sichuan and Chongqing of China UK Business Development Centre, joined the Foreign Affairs Office of Guizhou Province in an online dialogue with companies in the Europe. Representatives from a number of UK companies, invited by China UK BDC, took the opportunity to understand the pillar industries and development strategies of the province. Companies from Guizhou and UK discussed potential business opportunities and established contacts via the dialogue.

202212 8日,英中商业发展中心四川、重庆负责人与贵州省外事办公室通过视频会议,共同向欧洲企业介绍贵州省发展重点,近期发展目标,以及期待合作的领域。贵阳当地企业也与欧洲企业进行了交流及互动。英中商业发展中心将持续利用网络优势和资源优势,加强与省市地方政府的联系,从广度和深度上挖掘不同区域的发展潜力,为企业提供市场咨询,助力政府招商引资。