Project Landing & management

Based on strong market demand of China, UK businesses have vast opportunities to support, be involved and win contracts ofa numbers of major sectors that are keeping booming in China. UK services,technologies, innovation, products and the international recognition that presented, in many cases are valuable to China companies.

To enter the market, UK businesses will need to identify real opportunities, to try to win contracts, and manage to deliverit, by either to co-work with on shore Chinese partners, or set up its own project operation capability in China. In most cases, it is a long chain with both great market spaces along with great challenges, just like all new and fast growing market for ventures. Project landing service is the full chain services offered by CUKBDC, from your exploring to performing, to support you establishsolid capability in China market.

By Project Landing Service, CUKBDC will be your internal partner on ground, to convoy, breed, and develop your business in China market together. That includes:

l   Deep understand and analyses your services/products/technology upon China market demand, characters and segmentation (mutual products & market research)

l   Develop and establish your market strategy

l   BD and presence increase through our network to regional business community and potential clients, to understand, collect and create business opportunities.

l   Match making on primary level on your behalf in regional markets to estimate and affirm BO

l   Your advisor on shore to accompany and support your discussion and negotiation with clients

l   Supports on shore of your full processes to deliver the contract with broaden local market expertise, resources, GR coordination, legal advices,culture support, and on daily base support to make sure the contract is performed correct dually and your benefit is guarantee.

l   Supports on hiring local team, sub-contractors and supplying chain.

l   If your business plan related to investment into China, we support you on researching, analyzing and advising of all local elements.  

l   Local & on ground advices/supports to any issues you may have in China market during operation.