Biz Opportunities Match

As the largest single market in the world, China undoubtedly means huge business opportunity for UK companies. After 40 year’s development, China has become the second largest economic entity, China’s market circumstances is very complicated. We can easily name many successful story of UK business in China, at the same time, some renown British businesses are struggling on the market for different reasons. It is very useful to understand the secret of success and what is behind the failure, if you are looking to do business in China

UK’s leading industry such as education, innovation technology,finance, engineering, food & drink as well as creative sector is well recognized in China and has strong complementarities with China. CUKBDC encourage UK business in those sectors should pay constant attention to relevant potential opportunity in China.

CUKBDC’s nationwide network and experienced team will not only be able to provide general opportunity analysis from macro perspective, but also offer business opportunity identification in more detail approach, regardless of new to the Chinese market or have had operation in China but hope to expand. National strategy as well as regional development strategy such as Bay Area,Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle is the development guidance for business from home and abroad, it would be highly recommended for UK company to always keep pace with the latest development trend which will advise where your investment should go.

Finding an appropriate partner is critical for UK company to do business in China. A good partner means half done to a certain extent, which the partner will be able to establish the sales network, identify marketing approach and so on.

Together with business opportunity, CUKBDC’s professional service include partner identification as well, which as outlined below

Ø   Understand local market specifically in market entry, business environment as well as industry analysis

Ø   Provide in-depth market research for specific product/service and offer UK company with recommendation of where they should start first

Ø   Briefed with latest national/regional development strategy as well as interpretation from business insiders or government departments, viaonline/offline event

Ø   Leverage networks and local knowledge across China to Identify business opportunity

Ø   Analysis UK company’s product/service and understand their specific requirement in order to identify appropriate partner. Setup potential partnerpool as per business scope, qualification, degree of interest and arrange matchmaking between UK company and local partner

Ø   Deliver targeted marketing communications and events.

Ø   Organize and arrange expo for UK company to attend, offering showcase opportunity in order to establish contact with potential partner

Ø   Access to government department in charge at various level